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Factors of Teenage Depression

Why is it that some teens are more likely to get depression than others? What causes it, exactly? Is there anything we can do to prevent ourselves from getting it? There are some key factors that help determine if you are more likely to struggle with depression than others. Look over the following list. Do […]

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

If you have had a child in the past year and are feeling somewhat down, you may be asking yourself if you are experiencing postpartum depression. Though depression can manifest itself in different ways, here are some things to look for: Difficulty concentrating Do you find it hard to focus on a specific task? Are […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder: An Introduction

Do you prefer the sunny months of June, July, and August? Are the first warm days of spring especially sweet to you? Do you tend to gain weight during the winter? If you are struggling with depression and find that you can relate to some of these statements, you may be dealing with a specific […]