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Dealing with Depression – Change Your Perspective

Things aren’t always as they seem. It’s easy for us to interpret a situation based on what we see and hear, but we don’t usually have all the information. This is particularly true when we’re experiencing depression. We get short-sighted and our view of the world is not necessarily correct. That’s why it’s important for […]

Depression Treatment Techniques Used in Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is used to change negative ideas and behaviors into positive ones. By working as a team, therapist and patient examine the patient’s thoughts and actions. They analyze the truth or reality of those thoughts. Actions are tested to see if they were the best choice in the circumstances or there were other, perhaps […]

Psychotherapy for Depression 101

Apart from pharmaceuticals, one of the more popular treatments for depression is going to counseling or therapy. Therapy, like all things, is not always successful for everyone. However, it has helped countless individuals and should at the very least be considered an option. There are several different methods of therapy: • Psychoanalysis looks into a […]