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Factors of Teenage Depression

Why is it that some teens are more likely to get depression than others? What causes it, exactly? Is there anything we can do to prevent ourselves from getting it?

There are some key factors that help determine if you are more likely to struggle with depression than others. Look over the following list. Do any seem to be particularly relevant in your life?

Other Family Members Experienced Depression

If you have parents or someone else in your family with depression, then you may have a genetic predisposition to it, as well. What this means is that when you face some of these other factors (i.e., stressful events, sexual abuse), you have a naturally tendency to become depressed.

Stressful Events

A lot can happen in a teenager’s life: new schools, new friends, parents fighting or divorcing, losing a grandparent. Any of these events can cause an extreme amount of stress and anxiety. Those who are anxious tend to experience depression, too.

Conduct Disorder

Teens with a history of violence, bullying, destruction, and hurting others may have something called conduct disorder. They are often put into jail or otherwise punished by the court or school system. It seems like many teens with conduct disorder also have depression.

Sexual Abuse

Though any type of abuse is harmful for the person who experienced it, sexual abuse is one of the most damaging because it violates an individual’s sense of self and identity. If you have been abused, you are more likely to develop depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Thoughts of Death and Suicide

Most teens who are thinking about ending their lives are depressed. If you are feeling this way, it is important that you find someone you trust and talk about it.

Even if you have experienced some of these factors, it does not mean you are DEFINITELY going to get depression; it just means that you are more likely. By being proactive in dealing with these factors, you can do your best to keep depression at bay. The most important thing is to have a strong support system. Have someone you can talk to about your experiences and feelings so you can try to manage those things in a healthy way.


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