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Treating Depression with Medication: Tricyclic Antidepressants

Although Tricyclic Antidepressants are rarely prescribed, there are certain situations when they are the best choice. In some cases, patients will simply not see any improvement after undergoing regimens of treatment with other types of antidepressants. Occasionally, a patient will not be able to take any other type of medication and will have TCAs as […]

Depression Treatment Techniques Used in Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is used to change negative ideas and behaviors into positive ones. By working as a team, therapist and patient examine the patient’s thoughts and actions. They analyze the truth or reality of those thoughts. Actions are tested to see if they were the best choice in the circumstances or there were other, perhaps […]

Understanding Generalized Anxiety Disorder

As its name implies, Generalized Anxiety Disorder affects each and every aspect of a person’s life. Its harmful reach extends into a person’s career, marriage, familial and parental relationships and even into the deepest recess of their emotional well-being. Some people may believe that Generalized Anxiety Disorder is simply an overzealous categorization for people who […]

Physical Factors for Postpartum Depression

Though many mothers may struggle with postpartum depression, some women are more likely to experience it than others. If you find yourself dealing with any of the following physical, psychological, or social factors, know that each one adds another depth to your depression that affects how you interact with your baby and even how you […]