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Psychotherapy for Depression 101

Apart from pharmaceuticals, one of the more popular treatments for depression is going to counseling or therapy. Therapy, like all things, is not always successful for everyone. However, it has helped countless individuals and should at the very least be considered an option.

There are several different methods of therapy:

• Psychoanalysis looks into a person’s unconscious thoughts and past experiences in order to understand and change their behavior. They also spend a lot of time exploring feelings.
• Behavior therapy, on the other hand, focuses exclusively on someone’s behavior, without seeking to understand the thoughts and feelings behind their behavior.
• Finally, interpersonal psychotherapy is a mix of the two: there is some exploration of feelings and thoughts, along with problem solving and behavior changing. This is done through talk therapy.

For those suffering with depression, psychotherapy can supplement any antidepressants you are on, and may actually end up replacing them. However, choosing a type of therapy may be difficult. And once you decide on that, you must find a therapist you are comfortable with and is well trained. It is essential that you trust this individual.

Because therapy often uncovers difficult issues (for example, past abuse/trauma or unusual feelings or thoughts), it can be detrimental. Therapists shouldn’t be aggressive with their clients, nor should they force their own ideas or values on someone.

It can also be helpful for those struggling with depression to read more about it: learn about how depression affects them, read self-help books aimed to bring healing, and seek out stories of other individuals who have suffered from depression but were able to manage it and pursue healing.


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