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4 Social Elements That Influence Postpartum Depression

Physical and psychological factors influence your likelihood of experiencing postpartum depression, but there are also several social factors that can affect your chances: Age & Socioeconomic Status Are you younger than 20 or older than 34? If so, you are more likely to experience postpartum depression. This is because moms in these groups experience other […]

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

If you have had a child in the past year and are feeling somewhat down, you may be asking yourself if you are experiencing postpartum depression. Though depression can manifest itself in different ways, here are some things to look for: Difficulty concentrating Do you find it hard to focus on a specific task? Are […]

Physical Factors for Postpartum Depression

Though many mothers may struggle with postpartum depression, some women are more likely to experience it than others. If you find yourself dealing with any of the following physical, psychological, or social factors, know that each one adds another depth to your depression that affects how you interact with your baby and even how you […]

Introduction to Postpartum Depression

Having a baby is a life-changing event. It affects a woman’s home life, job, relationships, and even everyday activities like cooking or laundry. While many women handle this transition fairly well, not everyone has a positive experience with it. In fact, 10-20% of new moms become overwhelmed and depressed. They are experiencing something called postpartum […]